The Dogecoin Cryptocurrency

The Dogecoin Cryptocurrency Is My Favorite Out Of The Group

Initially, when the market was mostly about Bitcoin, I wanted to start mining crypto and be an investor. Then I took a hiatus from paying attention to crypto-currencies because I didn’t like where I thought the market was heading. It’s not that I didn’t think they would do well. It was actually quite the opposite. Then recently, I started paying a little more attention to them again, as my broker is soon going to allow clients to invest in them. My favorite happens to be the Dogecoin cryptocurrency.

Yes, it costs less than half a penny, and yes it was started as a joke. Yet I really like this digital currency for some reason. However, my broker is only allowing clients to purchase two kind of digital currencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum. That means I won’t be able to buy Dogecoin that way.

There are still ways to buy Dogecoin, but I wanted to do it the easy way. If this is one of the digital currencies that you are interested in buying, it has quite the following. i followed advice from It doesn’t cost as much as Ethereum or Bitcoin. I was going to hold a few thousand Dogecoin in my portfolio at relatively no cost just to see what happens in the future.


Yet I have all the crypto investment accounts I need and have no access to Dogecoin. So it is not what I’m going to do for now at least. My broker might allow investment in more cryptocurrencies in the future, but who knows. As of now, it’s only Bitcoin and Ethereum that are available, neither of which I’m really interested in buying right now.

Considering the amount of interest people have in Dogecoin and how cheap it is to own, it would make for a decent cryptocurrency speculative investment. It’s up to you, but you would only have to put about $10 into the currency to even see what happens later. I’m more heavily involved in other forms of investing, but I cryptocurrencies are very intriguing.

I have to learn more about them, and my broker has to allow me wider access to them in order for me to have a better take. I thought about Ethereum as an investment, and even Bitcoin is on a dip. But for now, I don’t have access to those either just yet, and I’ve been holding off. The Dogecoin cryptocurrency is my favorite though, and maybe one day I’ll have access to it as well.

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